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Natural Collection

Novita's Natural Collection is our collection of yarns from 100 % natural materials.

From a variety of yarn weights, you'll find something for every season's knitting projects.

The wool comes from Finland or nearby regions: Great Britain, Iceland, Norway or Spain. The cotton yarns are manufactured by our long-standing partner in India.

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  1. Novita Hygge Wool
    Novita Hygge Wool
    As low as €6.50
  2. Novita Hygge Wool-024 Wheat
  3. Novita Hygge Wool-075 Fog Out of Stock
  4. Novita Hygge Wool-117 ground ice Out of Stock
  5. Novita Hygge Wool-730 blueberry milk
  6. Novita Hygge Wool-010 off white Out of Stock
  7. Novita Hygge Wool-044 graphite New
  8. Novita Hygge Wool-100 gorge Out of Stock
  9. Novita Hygge Wool-380 woods Out of Stock
  10. Novita Hygge Wool-504 rose water Out of Stock
  11. Novita Hygge Wool-580 icy cranberry Out of Stock
  12. Novita Hygge Wool-650 waxcap Out of Stock
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12 Items

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