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We have decades of experience and knowledge of wool as one of the finest natural materials, including its journey into marketable products and knitting patterns. We use the best materials and deliver the finest craftsmanship to produce reliable yarns that can always be trusted. Our wool comes from Finland and the EU.



Finnish wool is soft, light, shiny and curly. The curls make the yarn flexible and durable. You can sense the unique characteristics of Finnish nature in this warm yarn. Wool is a renewable natural material. When a wool garment comes to the end of its life, it is ecological to dispose of as it decomposes easily. Finnish wool has been used, for example, in Novita 7 Brothers Lappi and 7 Brothers Pohjola, in which 30% of the wool is sourced from Finland. In the autumn of 2020 we launched a new product, Novita Suomivilla, which is 100% Finnish wool.

We can happily announce that in the recent years we have used over 36 000 kg of Finnish wool in our production, which amounts to over 900,000 balls of yarn! Our dream is to use more Finnish wool in our yarn production and raise awareness and interest towards Finnish sheep wool.


We offer the best quality yarn possible to our customers. As a natural material, wool is less homogeneous than its synthetic counterparts. This is because unlike synthetic fibres, the quality of wool is affected by environmental conditions. The wool received from our material suppliers is always classified. Over the years, our sustainability strategy has also impacted the quality of our yarns as we want to offer yarns with European wool instead of importing wool over long distances.



When you purchase products from Novita, you also support Finnish production. Add a ball of yarn to your shopping cart and promote Finnish employment and entrepreneurship. Small streams form a river; if every Finn spent 10 more euros a month on Finnish products or services, this would result in about 10,000 new jobs annually. Moreover, supporting employment through consumption is important because a considerable share of the price of a Finnish product is returned to the public sector. These funds cover the costs of our welfare state.



We are proud of our classic birch needles and hooks; lightweight, smooth and warm to the touch, they provide a wonderful knitting and crocheting experience. Novita’s needles and hooks are made of FSC-certified birch. The FSC label guarantees that the products are sourced from responsible forestry. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. It is an international forest certification system promoting environmental and social responsibility as well as economic viability in forestry. Sustainable forestry protects the biodiversity of forests, reduces the environmental impact of forestry and guarantees sustainable forest growth. By selecting FSC-labelled products, companies and consumers can promote better forestry around the world.

Novita’s products include traditional knitting needles from thin, 2.5 mm needles all the way to the thickest, 10 mm needles. Birch cubic needles are available from 3 mm to 6 mm. Our range also includes circular birch needles with a 40, 60, 80 and 100 cm cable. Birch options are also available for crocheters: our traditional birch crocheting hooks range from thin 3 mm hooks to the thickest 10 mm hooks. Our 15 cm double ended birch crochet hooks also come in four sizes: 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 7 mm.


As a responsible company, we particularly invest in the development of new, more ecological products. In the summer of 2021, we introduced our new Earth Collection featuring sustainably produced yarns that are a better choice for the environment. The collection consists of Woolly Wood, Wool Rescue and Cotton Rescue yarns. From this collection, Woolly Wood and Cotton Rescue are available internationally.

In the Earth Collection, ecological and ethical considerations are our top priority. The Woolly Wood yarn consists of 70% TENCELTM Modal fibre and 30% mulesing-free merino wool. Woolly Wood is a fully biodegradable yarn. TENCELTM Modal is made with wood cellulose produced by sustainable forestry. The chemicals and water used in the production of modal fibre are almost fully recycled in the fibre production process. All of the raw materials for the yarn are sourced from European origins.

We use surplus materials from textile production in our Wool Rescue sock yarn and the Cotton Rescue yarn. Both yarns are made of 100% recycled ingredients. Wool Rescue contains 75% wool and 25% polyamide and is perfect for our 7 Brothers patterns. Cotton Rescue is 100% cotton yarn. Cotton Rescue is perfect for summery garments and decorative items as well as relaxed knitted sweaters. We recommend the same patterns as the Cotton Recycled yarn from the spring 2020 collection.


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