Novita offers enjoyment and positive experiences to all enthusiastic handicraft lovers. In practice this is shown in the hundreds of knitting and crochet ideas and inspiration, which we present to the knitters and crocheters as support and encouragement.

Novita is...


We have decades of experience and knowledge of wool as one of finest natural materials, including its journey into marketable products and knitting patterns. We use the best materials and deliver the finest craftsmanship to produce reliable yarns that can always be trusted.


We are passionate about sustainable development and reducing the environmental load of our operations to a minimum. We invest heavily in renewable energy sources and purchase our raw materials, such as wool, from nearby regions. In collaboration with our customers and partners, we participate in various charities and charitable projects every year in order to promote causes that are close to our hearts. Corporate responsibility is one of our most important values and a transparent production chain forms an essential part of our company.


We aim to spark joy and inspire makers to create and share. Alongside our timeless classics, we introduce the latest trends and innovations to our yarns and designs. Our yarns are so much more than simply a product; they are an inspiration. They tell a story of our Nordic roots, our family, and our dedication to the craft.


We create fine quality hand knitting yarns and unique designs in the largest yarn spinnery of the Nordic countries. For generations we have been refining our work to provide the most inspirational products possible. This passion and commitment is reflected in our rich heritage. We are bold innovators and we value traditions. As a family business we strive for consistent long-term success.

Customer driven

We recognize that our customers are the reason for our success, and we are committed to listen and to work in close dialogue with our customers. We use all possible channels to meet and exceed their expectations as well as provide support and advice. We want to inspire our customers to achieve the joy of success.