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Sustainability has been a natural part of Novita’s daily operations for a long time. We welcome you to learn more about our efforts to maintain and develop sustainability!

Even though we have achieved several important milestones on our journey, sustainability work contiunes to be a central part of our daily operations. We are committed to the three of our most important sustainability goals in line with the sustainable development goals of the UN: responsible consumption, climate actions and partnerships.

Sustainability is one of our key values. We want to be one of the pioneers of the textile industry in climate action. We believe it is our responsibility to use environmentally friendly production methods and materials. We also want to develop our company in the long term for future generations and take responsibility for our employees and society. Furthermore, we want to encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices by offering more ecological options.

Click on the images below to learn about our sustainability work in the lifecycle of yarn all the way from the raw material to the finished garment.