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Novita patterns

Browse our pattern collection with hundreds of free knitting and crochet patterns for all skill levels. Use the quick links or filters below to find your next project!

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  1. Rosebud baby bodysuit Novita Siro
  2. Sandy Beach sweater Novita Baby Wool
  3. Myötätuuli sweater Novita Nordic Wool
  4. Gentle Hug cardigan Novita Natura
  5. Evening Delight sweater Novita Nordic Wool
  6. Hyvä olo sweater Novita Baby Merino
  7. Feelgood trousers Novita Baby Merino
  8. Women's crocheted cardigan Novita Wool Cotton and Nordic Wool
  9. Women's cabled tunic Novita Nordic Wool
  10. Women's cabled cardigan Novita Nordic Wool
  11. Women's cabled cardigan Novita Natura
  12. Women's cabled cardigan Novita Nalle
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 35