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  1. Lempi sweater Novita Hygge Wool
  2. Kivikko ribbed hat Novita Hygge Wool
  3. Aino scarf Novita Hygge Wool
  4. Ribbed socks Novita Nalle
    Ribbed socks Novita Nalle

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  5. Easy knitted socks Novita Nalle, Nordic Wool and Wool Cotton
  6. Lea Top Novita Cotton Soft
  7. Knitted and felted oven mitt and potholder Novita Natura and Novita Cotton Soft
  8. Tassels for towels Novita Cotton Soft
  9. Pom-pom towel Novita Cotton Soft
  10. Knitted blanket Novita Nalle
  11. Basic Socks Novita Nalle (Teddy Bear)
  12. Fair Isle Scarf Novita Nalle (Teddybear)
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 14