NEW! Novita Icelandic Wool

Do you love yoke sweaters from hearty, natural yarns. So do we! Novita Icelandic Wool is a uniqe yarn made from 100 % wool, guaranteed to keep you warm through rains and storms. Choose from 12 matching nature-inspired colours to create something truly unique.

NEW! Novita Huviretki

Novita Huviretki is the new member of the Moomin x Novita yarn family. Moomin x Novita Huviretki is a luxuriously soft wool blend yarn, with 60 % wool and 40 % polyamide for softness and durability. This DK weight yarn is perfect for childrens' and - let's be honest, who doesn't love soft - adults knitted garments and accessories, with no itching!

Classic Collection

Our Classics are yet again updated. This season features no less than 19 new colorways. The evenly-striped Novita7 Veljestä Raita has gone through the most thorough change, with five new colors in all.

Natural Collection

Meet the new Hygge Wool colours! Novita Hygge Wool has gained huge popularity ever since its launch. This seasons marks the dawn of seven new Hygge Wool colours, each carefully picked and matched.