Wool socks warm the feet—and the heart!

For Finns, wool socks are a fundamental part of our being, especially during the long winter! Beautiful, warm and functional—what’s not to love about a pair of handmade socks?

Many of us remember cold winter nights sitting by an open fire, tiptoeing across a wooden floor early in the morning, sleepovers, going fishing and wearing big, cold rubber boots warmed up by a pair of wool socks... Wool socks prompt a wave of nostalgia and comfort, soothing both the body and the soul.

Want to offer a Finn something special that comes straight from the heart? Look no further: wool socks are your gift of choice!

History & heritage

Wool socks have also played a big role in Novita's history. While Novita ran out of raw materials for industrial production during World War II, no-one was laid off: instead, employees kept busy by knitting wool socks to keep Finnish soldiers’ feet warm on the front.

Sock patterns for every occasion

For Novita, knitted socks are an important part of our pattern repertoire. For many Finns, wool socks are a traditional Christmas present; however, our pattern range covers everything from warm and earthy tones in wool to lacy and delicate styles in cotton for the warmer seasons.

Knitting your own pair of wool socks

One of Novita’s best known yarns, 7 Veljestä (7 Brothers), was actually specifically designed to answer customers’ needs for a new, thicker sock yarn. The yarn has become a go-to item for sock knitting, and has been in production for over 40 years!

With 7 Veljestä it is fast and easy to knit a pair of woollen socks that will keep your toes warm at home as well as inside your favourite pair of boots. So grab your yarn and knitting needles, curl up under a blanket and create your very own pair of woollen socks!

Knitting wool socks for the first time? Our video tutorial will walk you through this basic sock pattern!

Looking for a challenge? Dive into the heritage of wool socks and let yourself be inspired by some of our favourite patterns: cabled hearts socks, colourwork socks and striped socks in autumn colours.