A home is not just a place—it’s a feeling

Easy-going mornings and the smell of fresh coffee; peaceful evenings relaxing on the living room couch, under a warm blanket... In the Nordic countries, we share a view of everyday life being filled with calm, comfort and simplicity.

Whether it be a cold winter day, a windy autumn evening or a bright summer morning, home is where a sense of serenity and stillness reigns.

Leave obligations aside for a moment and focus on the simple things: take a moment to read your favourite book, try that new baking recipe you found, or gather everyone together for some quality time. At home, you have permission to take it easy and recharge.

In the Nordic countries, nature is never far away

When you crave some fresh air, step outside: you’ll find a park, a forest, a lake or the seaside not far away. Natural settings are abundant even in urban environments, and much appreciated by city dwellers.

Unwind by taking a walk among birch trees and spruces, leaving you feeling grounded and present. With a little more time on your hands, head out for the day and explore a National Park, a historical site or a nature reserve.

Cosy at home, all year round

The changing seasons bring their own twist to the Nordic home. In the autumn, as the days get shorter, neutral colours and soft textures reign, forging a sense of comfort and rest throughout the long winter. For Christmas, bring in a touch of warmth and festivity with red and white, and kick off the summer season with some light shades and playful patterns.

You can find some Nordic inspiration for your own home in our home decor patterns: knitted Nordic style pillowcase, crocheted pillowcase in light colours or a knitted blanket with chunky cables.