In Finland, handmade knits are a staple item in a baby’s wardrobe


Wrapping the little ones in handmade knits—especially in winter weather!

No matter the time of year, Finnish babies have their naps outside. Why? It is believed that fresh air helps babies nap better, and longer!

For sleeping outside safe and sound, soft & warm clothing is a must, and what would fit the description better than handmade knits? Dating back generations, Finnish babies have been clad in handmade clothing, often knitted by their mothers and grandmothers. Hats, sweaters, socks, overalls, blankets – you name it!


A tradition that lives on

This knitting tradition extends further than just the immediate family, though! Did you know that during the 2018 Winter Olympics, the Finnish Olympic team knit a patchwork blanket, which was gifted to the new born baby of the Finnish president?


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