Wool is a natural fibre with a number of excellent qualities. Wool garments are suitable for use throughout the year.

Wool is…

… pleasant to wear:

Wool fibres naturally contain moisture, so wool garments are not prone to static cling and are pleasant to wear. Wool is also breathable, so wool garments are also suitable for warmer weather, not only winter.

… suitable for outdoor activities:

Wool absorbs moisture very well, so wool garments feel dry even when slightly damp. For this reason, wool garments are well suited for outdoor activities.

... warm:

Wool has excellent insulating properties due to the structure of the fibre. Knitted wool garments are particularly warm because the fibre itself and the texture of the fabric trap air, providing thermal insulation.

… easy to clean:

Wool is naturally dirt repellent, so simply airing a garment in fresh air will often give it all the care and cleaning it needs. Wool garments do not crease easily, and usually the creases even out when allowed to rest or by airing in fresh air.

… a safe material:

Compared to other natural fibres, wool does not ignite or burn easily, so it is safe.

… an eco-friendly choice:

Wool is a renewable natural material, and when properly cared for, it is durable and long-lasting. When a wool garment comes to the end of its life, it is ecological to dispose of as it decomposes easily. In recent years in Finland there have been several research projects and campaigns related to recycling wool.