Novita and Finnish wool

Novita has harboured a long-term dream of using Finnish wool in its yarns. Finnish wool was used in Novita Ajaton -yarn in 1978, when Novita was celebrating its 50th anniversary.

However, using Finnish wool in Novita yarns was not possible for decades, as it is not available in sufficient quantities and owing to its short fibre length it is difficult to spin.


New developments allow usage of Finnish wool

“With the development of spinning machines and a better availability of Finnish wool, Novita has now been able to launch a yarn, after decades of waiting, that uses Finnish wool,” says Daniela Yrjö-Koskinen, who is heading the family enterprise in its fourth generation.

At this time, Finnish wool is used in 7 Veljestä (7 Brothers) Pohjola, in which 30% of the wool is sourced from Finland. Since 2014, we have used over 30 000 kg of Finnish wool in our production!


Lamb’s wool from Finnish farms

Finnish wool yarn is made of wool sourced from sheep farms around Finland. The Finnish wool comes mainly from Finnsheep. The wool of the Finnsheep is soft and lightweight with moderate crimp and a high lustre. Crimps make the yarn more elastic and durable.

Besides Finnsheep, Finnish sheep farms also raise other breeds, such as kainuunharmas (a rare Finnish breed), so our Finnish wool yarns contain wool from several breeds.

Finnsheep is an original Finnish breed, which has developed over the course of several centuries. These animals are an integral part of Finnish history and cultural heritage. Products made from Finnish wool are durable and retain their beauty for years, if not decades. Wool is a renewable natural material, which returns to nature at the end of its life.


Novita 7 Veljestä Pohjola

Novita 7 Veljestä Pohjola is a versatile wool blend yarn. Of the wool, 30% is sourced from Finland. Since the yarn also contains 25% polyamide, it is an excellent fit for wool socks.

The colours of 7 Veljestä Pohjola have been inspired by Nordic nature, and the yarn features a painterly colour repeat, in which shades of the main colour smoothly blend into each other. The yarn's long colour repeat is especially beautiful in long socks, scarves as well as in long cardigans and the like.