We are often asked, what does the clause mean: “All our patterns are protected by copyright”, as mentioned in Novita Magazines. “Any commercial use of the patterns is strictly prohibited”. This means, among other things, that Novita knitting instructions and designs may not be used in serial industrial production and that the instructions and designs may not be sold on to a third party. It is, however, permitted to sell products made with Novita instructions and yarns at craft fairs, market stalls, between friends etc.

Novita Magazines also publish designs by freelance designers, for example patterns designed by persons who have become widely known through the numerous crafts groups on the social media. If you sell or create products based on these designs or instructions, for example, online, remember that it is a good practice and courteous to mention the name of the original designer in your ad, if possible.

The world of crafts is wonderfully rich and full of creative individuals who take influences from each other as well as from old, traditional techniques and designs, so it is sometimes difficult to define who the original inventor of a pattern is. Patenting or licensing of handmade knitwear is therefore extremely difficult.