Original pattern designs, all made in Finland

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded Novita’s pattern designs and Novita Magazine (published in Finnish and Swedish) the Design from Finland mark.

Knitted by hand, Novita’s designs are created and their instructions written and models photographed in Finland. Novita’s tradition in creating pattern designs and instructions goes back decades. Novita Magazine is edited, laid out, photographed and printed in Finland and it is made with 100% Finnish expertise.

The Association for Finnish Work awards the logo to unique Finnish design, and being able to carry that logo means that the company has made a pioneering contribution to Finnish design”, says Rilla Engblom, Brand Manager for Design from Finland from the Association for Finnish Work.

"In all its design work Novita takes into consideration the current trends in crafts as well as ready-to-wear fashion. Novita provides a sensible alternative for ready-made fashion”, Engblom says.


Novita's magazine supports yarn business

Novita Magazine and the trendy, inspiring knitting designs play a significant role in the company’s results, as Novita’s main articles are the knitting yarns.

“Our customers need new ideas and patterns designed for Novita yarns. Years of experience combined with the evolving crafts trends, and listening to the customers’ needs, make Novita Magazine one of the most respected hobby magazines in Finland”, says Erika Appelström, Brand Manager for Novita.


The Association for Finnish Work is an expert organisation promoting the appreciation and success of Finnish workmanship. The association manages a number of logos and online services promoting Finnish work. Established in 1912, the association has 2414 member companies and organisations.