Nordic design meets British spinning heritage

West Yorkshire Spinners and Novita are part of the same family owned Group. We are the leading group of European hand-knitting yarn spinners. The owners in Finland and in the UK have been working together for decades, sourcing the finest Raw Materials, sharing technical knowledge and working together developing truly unique and innovative products.

As a harmonious group, we share the same core values, making this a perfect partnership built on synergy and mutual respect. This long standing and extremely successful partnership is based upon a strong foundation of creativity, technical excellence and innovation in both design and production. In this perfect relationship, Nordic design meets British spinning heritage.

In-house yarn manufacturing: a common heritage

West Yorkshire Spinners is extremely proud to be one of the few remaining hand-knitting brands on the UK market still developing and manufacturing yarns in-house. Novita is the largest producer of hand-knitting yarns in the Nordic countries and has been producing hand-knitting yarns at their Spinning Mill in Finland since 1928.

We thank all our customers for your trust. Both West Yorkshire Spinners and Novita are today considered two of the most respected brands in hand-knitting. Our passion is always going to be to present only the best in both yarn and design.