New labels for easier reading

Novita’s labels were redesigned. With the new design, our labels are harmonised and easier to read. We use three colours on our labels: grey, beige and light blue, each indicating the quality of the yarn. In addition to these, we will carry products with campaign labels, which will be on sale only for a limited period.

We mainly use natural materials in our products: wool, cotton and wool blends.


Key to colour codes

Colour grey and the name “Classic Collection” are used for Novita’s classic products, which are available round the year.

Colour beige and “Natural Collection” are used for products, which are made of 100% natural materials, and which contain no synthetic materials.

The light blue "Seasonal Collection" -labels are used for seasonal yarns. When choosing a yarn from the Seasonal Collection, be prepared to buy a sufficient amount of yarn for your project, as the yarn may not be available next season. We usually launch a new season every January and July.

Special campaign yarns may also come in special colour themes. Special campaign yarns are on sale for a limited period only, and are generally not available beyond that season.


International terms used on our labels

Our new labels also carry more information in English, the markings for US needle sizes, and the markings DK and Aran indicating the yarn weight for the benefit of our international customers.