Knit Women Livelihood

Novita collaborated with Finn Church Aid's Women's Bank in a special campaign: Knit Women Livelihood.

The purpose of the campaign was to gather funds for charity work in developing countries: helping women to improve their lives and support their families, and providing women with access to vocational training.


A special yarn in Women's Bank's colours

Novita created a special striped yarn for this charity, which was sold in 2017.

The colours were chosen based on Women's Bank's logo, and from each sold yarn ball Novita donated 0,50 euro to Women's Bank. The total donation amounted to 21 605 euros!

Women's bank special sock yarn by Novita



Empowering women in Nepal

Women's Bank directed these funds to a project in Nepal, which among other measures organizes vocational training for women, and offers women advice and financial support in launching a business. In 2016, the vocational courses included rug and fabric weaving, beadwork and bamboo handicrafts. Through this measures, Women's Bank helps women secure their livelihood.


What is Women’s Bank?

The goal of Women’s Bank is to help women in developing countries to secure their livelihood, as well as promoting human rights.

Donations raised by Women’s Bank fund vocational training, support women’s employment and businesses, as well as give access to village banks. Women with their own earnings can ensure that the household income is used to cover the family’s necessities and secure their livelihood. Women’s Bank strives to create sustainable welfare for the whole community: through supporting women this becomes possible.

Businesses, communities, women and men contribute as donators to Women’s Bank; Finn Church Aid is responsible for carrying out the project work. Women’s Bank has projects on several continents: Africa, Asia and South America.