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Knitting abbreviations
Knitting needles – making sense of it all
Wool sheep welfare
Responsible dyeing process
Choosing The Right Yarn
How to Knit Wool Socks
Wool – Fibre Into Yarn
Why Do Yarns Have Knots?
Where Are Novita Yarns Made
What do DK, Aran and 4 ply mean?
We Only Use Ekoenergy-labelled energy
The Story of Novita 7 Brothers
Storing and Ironing Wool Garments
The Quality and Origin of Wool
Novita's Yarns: The Wool We Use
Novita Uses Finnish Wool
Novita Copyright Explained
Novita Awarded the Design Finland Mark
Novita and The Environment
New Yarn Labels: Classic, Natural, and Seasonal
How to Read Knitting Patterns and Charts

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