How to Knit Wool Socks
Care Instructions for Wool
The Charasteristics of Wool
Choosing The Right Yarn
Novita and WYS to deepen their collaboration
Gauge and Swatching
How to Read Knitting Patterns and Charts
New Yarn Labels: Classic, Natural, and Seasonal
Novita and The Environment
Novita Awarded the Design Finland Mark
Novita Copyright Explained
Novita Uses Finnish Wool
Novita's Yarns: The Wool We Use
The Quality and Origin of Wool
Responsible dyeing process
Storing and Ironing Wool Garments
The Story of Novita 7 Brothers
We Only Use Ekoenergy-labelled energy
What is the difference between Aran, DK and 4 ply yarn?
Where Are Novita Yarns Made
Why Do Yarns Have Knots?

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