Instead of washing, a wool garment may be aired out in fresh air to remove wrinkles and odours. If you need to wash your wool garments, make sure to read and follow the care instructions on the label. A single wash in an unsuitable temperature may shrink a wool garment completely.

Use a gentle wool cycle for machine washable wool and wool mixes. We recommend the use of a mesh laundry bag when machine washing the garments, and liquid laundry detergent suitable for wool. If you are unsure whether your wool garment may be machine washed, always wash it by hand.

When washing by hand, make sure the detergent is fully dissolved before submerging the garments in water. Wash and rinse the garments in warm water. Wash the garments by gently squeezing them: do not rub to avoid felting. Rinse several times to remove all detergent.


Gently stretch the garment to its original shape and size, and lay flat to dry to avoid stretching. Do not tumble dry!

You can roll hand washed garments inside a thick bath towel to absorb any excess water before laying flat to dry.

Note that direct sunlight damages wool. White wool will easily turn yellow if dried in direct sunlight.