Introducing the Colorful and Summery Granny Square Box - a delightful fusion of vibrant colors and trending granny squares.

The Granny Square Box is a colorful crochet kit that includes enough yarn to create multiple garments: from a complete sweater and hat to a stylish top, with enough yarn left for two hats. The box also includes instructions for knitting a hat, sweater, top, and vest. For this kit, we use the new Novita Cotton Feel, a 100% cotton yarn that's perfect for the summer season.

You have the option to choose between two different color variations: Beach, featuring topaz, chalk, and toast as the primary colors, or Festival, where mauve, rose quartz, and grape take center stage.

Embrace the joy of crocheting with our Granny Square Box and let your creativity soar. Explore the versatility of granny squares and create unique and colorful garments that will add a touch of summer to your wardrobe. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of vibrant stitches and stylish designs!

Granny Square Box - Festival


Granny Square Box - Beach



The Novita Granny Square box contains 20 Novita Cotton Feel yarn balls, plus instructions for four crochet garments or accessories: top, hat, sweater and vest. The yarns are counted according to the largest sizes, and you can crochet a blouse and a hat, or a top and two hats. So depending on the size and the job, the amount of yarn will vary slightly.


Top: XS/S (M/L)

Sweater: XS/S (M) L (XL)

Vest (men): S/M (L/XL) XXL



Novita Cotton Feel

(121) topaz 6 skeins
(008) chalk 5 skeins
(282) heat 5 skeins
(377) savannah 2 skeins
(611) spice 2 skeins


Novita Cotton Feel

(704) mallow 6 skeins
(529) rose quartz 5 skeins
(560) grape 5 skeins (121) topaz 2 skeins
(008) chalk 2 skeins

Also included

Instruction booklet (Finnish, Swedish, English)
Hot Summer, Cool Knits -fabric label


Make your own outfits for the festival season or the sunny beach! Instructions can only be found from the Granny Square box.

Bucket hat

Summers trendiest headwear!

Crochet top

So little work, so much use.

Crochet sweater

Short sweater from joined Granny Squares.

Men's Crochet Sweater Vest

For a man, although maybe not for every man.