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The wheat gently moves by the soft wind. The birds are gathered on an electrical wire, closely together, ready to fly south over the winter. It feels wonderful to wrap a warm shawl around your shoulders and enjoy the array of beautiful autumn colours.

Call of the North colourwork sweater Novita Venla

Autumn colors straight from the Nordic nature feast in this turtleneck sweater from Novita Venla. The sweater is worked top down in one piece.

Call of the North colourwork skirt Novita Venla ja Baby Merino

When you’re finished with your Pohjolan kutsu sweater, just cast on for the sequel. Knitted top down, the skirt and sweater together make an amazing autumn outfit.

Forest Path socks Novita Venla

These socks feature a French heel and reverse stockinette. The cables are knitted through the back loop, making them more distinct.

Women’s lace and cable sweater Novita Natura

Saddle up for this beautiful sweater from Novita Natura 100 % wool yarn. Cables and lace alternate, giving just enough challenge for any knitter.

Slouchy socks Novita Nalle Taika

These socks are wriggly for sure, and that’s a feature. Combining stockinette, reverse stockinette and broken seed stitch, the texture is fun, and the colorful Nalle Taika yarn takes care of the rest.

Anni Women’s knitted dress Novita Nalle

The upper part is worked in double moss stitch, giving this simple, yet beautiful dress its character.

Aada cabled hat Novita Nordic Wool

Cosy up in a chunky cabled hat from Novita Nordic Wool yarn. The color is called icy flower, and we just love it!

Women’s cardigan Novita 7 Veljestä, 7 Veljestä Korpi and Baby Merino

What a simply amazing design we’ve got here. With the main part of the cardigan worked in Novita 7 Veljestä, the real gem here is the 26 squares that make up the sleeves and the lower bodice, worked in log cabin technique.

Log cabin skirt Novita Nalle, Nalle Taika, Nordic Wool and Baby Merino

Swatches worked with the log cabin technique make up this amazing skirt. All in all, it takes 122 square swatches, plus a few triangles for shaping.

Crochet pillow Novita 7 Veljestä, 7 Veljestä Korpi and Baby Merino

If you don’t feel like making a million squares - make just two big ones. This pillowcase is made with log cabin technique, and a fun project at that.

Autumn Maple sweater Novita Nalle

Large argyle patterns in the colours of autumn leaves, worked in intarsia knitting, dominate this comfortable sweater from Novita Nalle yarn.

Silvia sweater Novita Nordic Wool

This all-wool sweater in autumn brown features cables over a background of moss stitch, with a twisted ribbing at the cuff and the hem. The sweater is worked in the round from the hem up to the sleeves.

Karheikko Cardigan Novita Nalle

This top-down cardigan from Novita Nalle yarn features six different colors in the yoke, sleeves and hem. Working your way down, the intricate cable pattern requires constant attention. A challenging but rewarding project for the more seasoned knitter.