Novita Nordic Wool Flow, nordic wool, Flow, 234, asetelma, ryhmä

Novita Nordic Wool Flow is a multitonal 100% wool yarn, with a similar consistency as in Novita Nordic Wool. The yarn is made of four plies each of different colour, with each colour softly fading into another. At least half of the wool used in its manufacturing is sourced from the Nordic countries. This soft yarn is suitable for many different types of knits. Nordic Wool Flow is also suitable for international knitting patterns in which DK yarn is used. A basic women’s top sized M requires approx. 550 g of yarn. The products can be machine-washed at 40 degrees. Recommended needle size 4. A 100 g ball has 230 metres of yarn.

Fiber content
100 % wool
Roll size
100 g / 230 m
Knitting needle size