Novita Majakkasaari
Novita, Majakkasaari, 807, näkinkenkä, seashell, snäcka, 6412612038076
Novita, Majakkasaari, 814, meidän meri, our sea, vårt hav, 6412612038144
Novita	Majakkasaari, 820, uimapuku, swimsuit, simdräkt, 6412612038205
Novita, Majakkasaari, 831, merilevä, seaweed, tång, 6412612038311
Novita	Majakkasaari, 850, merihevonen, seafilly, sjöhäst, 6412612038502

Novita Majakkasaari is the newest addition to the highly popular Moomin x Novita yarn family. Majakkasaari is a part of the #oursea campaign. For each ball sold, €0.10 will be donated to John Nurminen Foundation to help protect the Baltic Sea and its vibrant culture. The colours are inspired by Tove Jansson’s maritime Moomin illustrations. Majakkasaari is a multicoloured, 4-ply DK weight yarn that gives you a pattern of even stripes. The yarn is ideal for sock and many different types of adult and children’s knitwear. A special Moomin pattern collection has been designed specifically for Moomin X Novita and it matches perfectly with solid colour Moomin yarns.  75% wool and 25% polyamide. A women’s size M top requires approx. 550 g of yarn and one ball is sufficient for a pair of basic women’s socks. The products are machine washable at 40 degrees. The recommended needle size is 4, or 3.5 for socks. A 100 g ball has 225 metres of yarn. Made in Finland.

Fiber content
75 % wool, 25 % polyamide
Roll size
100 g / 225 m
Knitting needle size