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7 Veljestä Korpi, 996, lastu, wood chip, 6412617099966, aran, sukat
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Novita 7 Brothers Korpi is part of the Novita 7 Brothers product family and draws its inspiration from nature. The printed colours in wonderful complementary tones take their cue from tree bark, flowing water and meandering forest paths. The finish will vary according to the number of stitches, tension and needle size used. The final appearance also depends on whether you knit in the round or flat. For one medium size women’s jumper you will need 600 g of yarn. One ball is enough for one pair of women’s basic socks. 7 Brothers Korpi contains 75% wool and 25% polyamide. The products can be machine washed in 40 degrees. The recommended needle size is 4, or 3.5 for socks. A 100 g ball has 200 metres of yarn. Made in Finland.

Fiber content
75 % wool, 25 % polyamide
Roll size
100 g / 200 m
Knitting needle size