Size guide mittens - novita nalle ( teddy bear )
MITTENSNOVITA NALLE (TEDDY BEAR)· Double-pointed needles 3 or the size needed to obtain the correct gauge · Gauge 24 sts = 10 cm
Stitches on
Thumb gussetLength of
thumb gusset
Length from top
of cuff before top
Length of thumb
before top
Total length
from top of cuff
70 cm10 cm222 + 3x2
joka 3.krs
3,5 cm8 cm2,5 cm10 cm
90 cm15 cm322 + 5x2
joka 3.krs
4 cm9 cm3 cm12 cm
110 cm16 cm342 + 5x2
joka 3.krs
4,5 cm11 cm3,5 cm13 cm
130 cm18 cm402 + 6x2
joka 3.krs
5 cm12 cm4 cm15 cm
150 cm19 cm422 + 6x2
joka 3.krs
5,5 cm14 cm4,5 cm16 cm
women20 cm442 + 7x2
joka 3.krs
6 cm16 cm5 cm18 cm
men24 cm522 + 8x2
joka 3.krs
6,5 cm17 cm5,5 cm20 cm

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