Dimensions when completed
body circumference 92(100)108(116)124 cm / 36¼(39¼)42½(45¾)48¾ in
middle back length 52(53)54(56)58 cm / 20½(20¾)21¼(22)22¾ in
inner sleeve length 44(45)46(46)47 cm / 17¼(17¾)18(18)18½ in
Novita Nordic Wool
(116) Aqua 350(350)400(450)500 g
Other supplies
Circular needles
(80 cm / 32 in) Novita 3½ mm (UK 9½ / US 4) and 4–4½ mm (UK 7–8 / US 6–7).

For the sleeves
double-pointed needles 3½ mm (UK 9½ / US 4) and 4–4½ mm (UK 7–8 / US 6–7).

Other supplies
8 buttons

Stitch patterns
- K1 p1 ribbing: *k1, p1*, repeat *–* to end of row.
- Stockinette stitch: knit the right side rows and purl the wrong side rows. Lace pattern: follow the chart and instructions.
- Stockinette stitch in the round: knit all rows.
- K1 p1 ribbing in the round: *k1, p1*, repeat *–* to end of row.

18 sts and 24 rows of stockinette st with the larger needles = 10 cm / 4 in

The cardigan is knitted top-down in one piece using circular needles. There are no seams in the cardigan.
Designer name
Lea Petäjä
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Using the smaller circular needle cast on 91(95)99(101)103 sts and begin ribbing on the WS with k1. Work ribbing for 2 cm.

Switch to the larger needle. Purl the WS row, evenly increasing 2(8)4(12)10 sts = 93(103)103(113)113 sts. Work 0(0)0(2)2 rows of stockinette st.

Begin the lace pattern on row 1 of the chart: work section A (= 6 sts), repeat B (= 10 sts) 8(9)9(10)10 times, work section C (= 7 sts). Work rows 2–44 of the chart.

18(20)20(22)22 sts increased on rows 3, 9, 13, 17, 25 and 35 = 201(223)223(245)245 sts.

Work row 45. 20(22)22(24)24 sts increased, 221(245)245(269)269 sts on the needles. Work 4 rows of stockinette st. On the last row, increase 1 st at the front edges as on row 45 = 223(247)247(271)271 sts.

Divide the sts into five groups and place markers (e.g. a different-coloured piece of yarn) at the edges of the groups: 33(37)38(42)42 sts (front), 44(48)46(51)50 sts (sleeve), 69(77)79(85)87 sts (back), 44(48)46(51)50 sts (sleeve), 33(37)38(42)42 sts (front).

Continue in stockinette st and begin increases at the edges of the pieces: on the RS row work to last st before 1st marker, work a right-leaning increase (= knit the right leg of the st below the next st), work 1 st, work a left-leaning increase (= knit the left leg of the st below the previous st). Work the sleeve sts until 1 st remains before 2nd marker, right-leaning increase, work 1 st, left-leaning increase. Work the back sts until 1 st remains before 3rd marker, right-leaning increase, work 1 st, left-leaning increase. Work the sleeve sts until 1 st remains before 4th marker, right-leaning increase, work 1 st, left-leaning increase, work to end of row. 8 sts increased. Repeat the increases on every other round 2(2)3(3)4 more times. 247(271)279(303)311 sts now on the needles: 36(40)42(46)47 sts on the front pieces, 50(54)54(59)60 sts on the sleeves, 75(83)87(93)97 sts on the back piece.

Leave the sleeve sts on hold and continue with the front and back sts.



On the RS row work the 36(40)42(46)47 front sts, cast on 6(6)10(10)13 sts for the armhole, work the 75(83)87(93)97 back sts, cast on 6(6)10(10)13 sts for the other armhole, work the other 36(40)42(46)47 front sts = 159(175)191(205)217 sts.

Place markers on both sides at the midpoint of the armhole cast-on.

When the body measures 8(9)9(10)10 cm from the armhole, increase 1 st on both sides of the markers. Repeat the increases every 4 cm 2 more times = 171(187)203(217)229 sts.

When the body measures approx. 30,5(31,5)31,5(32,5)32,5 cm from the armhole, work 2,5 cm of ribbing. Then bind off in pattern.



Move the 50(54)54(59)60 sts onto the larger circular needle if you are using the magic loop technique. Alternately you can divide the sts evenly onto four double-pointed needles.

Pick up and knit 4(4)8(9)12 additional sts from the armhole cast-on = 54(58)62(68)72 sts.

Place e.g. a piece of different-coloured yarn at the beginning of round, i.e. the midpoint of the sts you picked-up. Work stockinette st in the round.

When you have knitted 5(4)4(3)3 cm, decrease 1 st on both sides of the marker. Repeat the decreases every 5(4)4(3)3 cm 6(8)9(12)13 more times = 40(40)42(42)44 sts.

When the sleeve measures 41(42)43(43)44 cm from the armhole (or as needed), switch to the smaller needles.

Work 3 cm of ribbing in the round, then loosely bind off in pattern.

Knit the other sleeve in the same manner.



Pin to measurements, mist on the wrong side and allow to dry.

Buttonband: Using the smaller needles, pick up sts from the RS of left front piece, 20 sts per 10 cm (the stitch count must be divisible by 2 + 1 st). Work in ribbing. When the border measures 4 cm, finish on a WS row, then loosely bind off in pattern so the buttonband won't be too tight.

Place markers for buttons on the border. The topmost button will be approx. 2,5 cm from the neckline and the others below it at approx. 6(6)6,5(6,5)6,5 cm intervals. Work the right border in the same manner. When the border measures approx. 1,5 cm, work buttonholes at the spots you marked. Buttonhole: yarn over, k2tog/p2tog.

Sew on the buttons.