One size
Dimensions when completed
Novita Venla
(010) Off-white 150 g
Other supplies
Crochet hook:
Novita 3 mm or the size needed to obtain gauge.
- Crochet pattern:
Crochet according to chart and written instructions

- 24 treble crochets = 10 cm.
- For the finished sock to be stretchy enough, the crocheted fabric can be somewhat loose.

The sock is crocheted from the toe up and the heel is crocheted last.
Designer name
Minna Metsänen
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Twist the yarn once round your finger and crochet into the loop:

1st row: Work 6 double crochets (dc). Keep working in rounds in the spiral way, i.e. move straight from one row to the next. Always mark the beginning of the round with a stitch marker.

2nd row: Work 2 dc into every st = 12 dc.

3rd row: *work 1 dc, 2 dc into the same st*, repeat from * to * for 5 more times = 18 dc.

4th row: *work 2 dc, 2 dc into the same st*, repeat from * to * 5 more times = 24 dc.

5th row: work *3 dc, 2 dc into the same st*, repeat from * to * for 5 more times = 30 dc.

6th row: work *4 dc, 2 dc into the same st*, repeat from * to * 5 more times = 36 dc.

7th row: work *5 dc, 2 dc into the same st*, repeat from * to * 5 more times = 42 dc.

8th row: work 1 row of double crochet and at the same time increase 1 st = 43 dc. Make 1 slip st (sl st) into the next st.

Begin following the chart I from row 1, the starting point is marked with an arrow: work the 23 st pattern repeat, 20 treble crochets (tr) and then join the round by making a slip st into the 3rd chain from the beginning. Keep crocheting following the chart, beginning from row 2, and then keep repeating rows 2-8 for the pattern and make treble crochets on all other stitches. Each time you reach row 8, work the double crochets into the center stitch (marked with red in the chart) of the arch of chain stitches from the previous row.

When you have followed the crochet pattern for 8 rows, increase 1 tr on the next row on both sides of the motif on the front of the sock. Make 2 treble crochets into the first and the last treble on the group of trebles. Repeat the increases in this manner on every 2nd row 2 more times.

When you have worked in the crochet pattern for 17 rows, on the next row make the opening for the heel following row 4 of chart II. Note the changes in the outermost groups of trebles. After the motif, loosely crochet 26 chain sts and join the chain with 1 sl st into the 3rd chain from the beginning of row. Continue crocheting from row 5 of chart II. Above the heel opening, crochet following the crochet pattern on the right side of chart II.

When you have crocheted 8 rows after the heel opening, begin making the gusset increases for the center back. The increases are marked with red in the chart. You must begin the gusset on the row marked red in the left chart so that the pineapple motif on the front and back of the sock will be the same. Keep working the other stitches as before. For the gusset, work rows 9-12 first, after which there are 2 ch sts between the gusset and the groups of treble crochets as established.  Crochet rows 13-18 and then repeat rows 19-25 two more times.

Now begin working groups of treble crochets also for the pineapple motifs, see row 26 (marked with blue). Crochet 5 rows in this manner. Try the sock on and if necessary decrease some of the chain sts between the groups of treble crochets, so that the sock will fit properly.

The heel: Join the yarn with 1 dc into one end of the heel opening. Make 26 dc into both sides of the opening (1 dc into each st) and finish by making 3 dc around the trebles at the ends of the opening = 58 dc. For the decreases, mark 1 st on both sides of the heel so that 28 dc remain between the marked sts. Keep crocheting in a spiral and decrease 1 st on both sides of the marked sts on each round: *crochet until 2 sts remain before the marked st, crochet 2 together, crochet the marked st and then crochet 2 sts together*, repeat from * to * until only a small hole remains. Break the yarn and pull it through the remaining sts. Pull tightly to close the hole and weave in the yarn end.

Crochet the second sock to match.


Steam the finished socks lightly.