Dimensions when completed
body circumference 94(102)110(118)126(134) cm
height, overall 51(53)55(57)60(63) cm
Novita Cotton Soft
luonnonvalkoinen 300(350)400(450)500(550) g,
Other supplies
Novita nro 4 or size required to obtain gauge
Stitch patterns:
- Garter stitch: Knit all rows
- Stockinette stitch:
Knit the RS rows, purl the WS rows.

22 sts and 28 rows in stockinette = 10 cm
Designer name
Minttu Wikberg
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The top is worked in one piece, from front side hem up to the neck and from there down to the back side hem.

CO 104(114)122(132)140(148) sts and work in garter stitch for 6 cm. Change to stockinette stitch.

When the piece measures 28(29)30(31)34(36) cm, cast off 1 selvedge stitch at the beginning of RS row and work the row through. On the next row (WS), cast off 1 selvedge stitch at the beginning of the row and work through. You’ll now have 102(112)120(130)138(146) sts on your needle.

On the WS, CO 15 sts for the sleeve. Turn the piece and knit through the row. For the other sleeve, CO 15 sts at the end of the RS row and turn the piece. K 15, P 102(112)120(130)138(146), K 15. You’ll now have 132(142)150(160)168(176) sts on your needle.

Continue working the sleeves in garter stitch and the body in stockinette stitch.

When the sleeve height is 18(19)20(21)21(22) cm, work all sts in garter stitch for 5 cm.

On the next RS row, K 42(47)51(54)58(62), cast off 48(48)48(52)52(52) sts, k the rest of the sts. Turn the piece. K 42(47)51(54)58(62) sts, CO 48(48)48(52)52(52) for the back side neckline, k 42(47)51(54)58(62).

Work garter stitch for 5 cm.

Work the back piece the same way as the front, garter stitch for the sleeves and stockinette for the body.

When the piece measures 23(24)25(26)26(27) cm, cast off 15 sts at the beginning of a RS row and knit through. Turn the piece, cast off 15 sts on WS, purl through. You’ll now have 102(112)120(130)138(146) sts on your needle. CO 1 selvedge st at the end of the WS row, turn the piece and knit to the end of the row. Cast on another selvedge st, turn the piece and purl through. You’ll now have 104(114)122(132)140(148) sts on your needles.

Work in stockinette stitch for 22(23)24(25)28(30) cm, work garter stitch for 6 cm and cast off.


Place the piece on a flat surface, WS facing, and block to measure. Spray some water on the piece and leave to dry.

Sew the sleeves and body pieces together.