One size
Dimensions when completed
Finished measurements about 120 x 170 cm
Novita 7 Veljestä (7 Brothers)
main colour (MC) (060) Sand or (588) Cherry 600 g
1st contrasting colour (CC1) (588) Cherry or (060) Sand 300 g,
2nd contrasting colour (CC2) (371) Evergreen or (289) Honey 200 g and
3rd contrasting colour (CC3) (289) Honey or (371) Evergreen 150 g
Other supplies
Crochet hook:
Novita 4–4½ mm or the size needed and for the border a crochet hook 0,5 mm smaller than the one used.
Crochet stitch patterns:
Follow the stitch diagram and written instructions.

One finished granny square is about 15 x 15 cm (see the stitch diagram)

To keep darning in ends to minimum, work the loose ends into the work as you go by crocheting over the ends when changing colour.
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Granny Square

Using MC, make 6ch, join into ring with 1ss into first ch.

Round 1: 3ch (= first tr of the round), 2tr into ring, *3ch, 3tr*, repeat *-* twice, 3ch, attach CC3 and join to third of 3ch at beg of row with 1ss. You have now 4 tr groups on first round.

Round 2: 4ch, *3tr, 3ch, 3tr, 1 ch* in next ch sp, repeat *-* twice, 3tr, 3ch, 2tr. Attach CC2 and join to third of 4ch at beg of row with 1ss.

Round 3: 3ch, 2tr in next side sp, 1ch, *(3tr, 3ch, 3tr, 1 ch) in next ch sp, (3tr, 1ch) in next side sp*, repeat *-* twice, 3tr, 3ch, 3tr, 1ch in next ch sp. Attach CC1, join round with 1ss.

Continue by working rounds 4–6 of the stitch diagram.

Work 70 granny squares as shown here. The finished throw has 7 x 10 squares.


Steam block the squares gently. Join squares together using MC: Lay the squares flat on the table with the WS facing and join them together stitch by stitch by sewing them together or by crocheting them together using crocheted slip stitch. Darn in ends.

When all the pieces are joined together, finish the edge in the following way: Using MC and smaller hook, dc round all four sides, join by 1ss. Next, work a picot edging in the following way: 4ch, 1ss in second of 4ch, 2dc, *3ch, 1ss in first of 3ch, 2ds*, repeat *-* round all four sides.

Steam block the throw very gently or lay it to measures on a flat surface, wet with a spray bottle and let dry.