Dimensions when completed
body circumference 96(104)112(120) cm / 37¾(41)44(47¼) in
length 59(61)63(65) cm / 23¼(24)24¾(25½) in
inner sleeve length 43(44)45(46) cm / 17(17¼)17¾(18) in

Novita Nalle
(061) Linen 350(400)450(500) g,
(641) Maple 100(100)100(150) g and
(694) Bark 50(50)100(100) g

Some Isoveli (010) Off White for embroidering
Other supplies
Novita 3 mm (UK 11 / US 2½) and 4 mm (UK 8 / US 6) or sizes needed;
for the neckline edge a 3 mm (UK 11 / US 2½) circular needle (40 cm / 16 in)
Stitch patterns
Ribbing: *k2, p2*, repeat *–* to end of row. On the wrong side rows, knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts. Stockinette stitch: knit the right side rows and purl the wrong side rows. Textured pattern: follow the chart and instructions. Intarsia: follow the chart. All different-coloured fields are knitted with their own ball of yarn. Twist the different strands around each other on the WS to prevent holes at the colour changes. Ribbing in the round: *k2, p2*, repeat *–* to end of round.

22 sts and 30 rows in stockinette st with larger needles = 10 cm / 4 in

Designer name
Sisko Sälpäkivi
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Using the Linen yarn and the smaller needles cast on 106(114)122(134) sts and begin ribbing on the WS with p2.

When the ribbing measures 5(6)6(6) cm and you have last worked a RS row, purl 1 row evenly increasing 0(2)2(0) sts = 106(116)124(134) sts.

Switch to the larger needles. Begin the texture and intarsia pattern on row 9(9)5(1) of chart I: work the 92 st pattern and knit the remaining 14(24)32(42) sts using Linen. Keep working the 14(24)32(42) sts at the left end in stockinette st using Linen. At the right end, work rows 10(10)6(2)–80 of the chart. Note: The off-white details are embroidered on the finished work.

Continue on row 81 of chart II: work the 75 st pattern at the right end and work the remaining sts in stockinette st using Linen. Work rows 82–152 of the chart.

Note: When the piece measures 36(37)38(39) cm, place a marker (e.g. a piece of different-coloured yarn) for the bottom of the armhole at both ends.

After row 152 of chart II, continue on row 153 of chart III. Work the 74 st pattern at the right end and work the remaining sts in stockinette st using Linen. Work rows 154–188 as needed.

Note: When the armhole measures 20(21)22(23) cm, bind off the middle 26 sts for the neckline. Work one side at a time. On every other row bind off 4x2 sts at the neckline edge and at the same time on every other row bind off 3x6 sts and 2x7 sts (3x7 sts and 2x8 sts) 4x8 sts and 1x9 sts (4x9 sts and 1x10 sts) at the shoulder.

Knit the other side in the same manner.



Work like back but begin the neckline decreases when the armhole measures 16(17)18(19) cm. Leave the middle 14 sts on hold for the neckline. Work one side at a time. On every other row bind off 2x3 sts, 2x2 sts and 4x1 st at the neckline edge. Bind off the shoulder sts at the same spot as on the back piece.

Knit the other side in the same manner.



Using Linen and the smaller needles cast on 48(50)50(52) sts and work ribbing for 5(6)6(6) cm.

Switch to the larger needles and work stockinette st.

When the piece measures 16(14)12(11) cm, increase 1 st at both ends: work 2 sts, increase 1 st (= knit the strand of yarn between the sts through the back loop), work to last 2 sts, increase 1 st, work to end. Repeat the increases every 1,5 cm 17(19)21(22) more times = 84(90)94(98) sts.

When the piece measures 43(44)45(46) cm, bind off.

Knit the other sleeve in the same manner.



Pin to measurements, mist on the wrong side and allow to dry.

Embroider the off-white details following the chart.

Sew the shoulder seams.

Neckline edge: Place the sts you left on hold on the circular needle and using Linen pick up and knit additional sts from the neckline edge for 116(120)120(124) sts in total. Start at one of the shoulder seams.

Work ribbing in the round for 15 cm. Bind off in pattern.

Attach the sleeves following the red marks on the pattern.

Sew the side seams and sleeve seams.