NOVITA, a family owned company, was founded in Finland 1928 and is proud to be the largest hand-knitting yarn spinner in the Nordic region. We have built our exceptional reputation by producing exquisite quality yarns and creating unique Nordic design. As a fourth generation familyowned business, we have created around 20 different brands of hand knitting yarn.


The story of Novita began nearly 90 years ago, when Ernst Gylfe, the founder of Novita, set out to fulfil his dream of providing Finns with knitting yarns of finer quality than ever before. At the age of 50, he left for Britain to study the making of worsted spun yarn in Bradford, which is known as the birthplace of European yarn and textile industry.

On his return to Finland, he founded his own company and started spinning yarns at the Sea Cable Hall in Helsinki in 1928. Once worsted spun yarn had found its way onto the needles and into the hearts of Finns, the company acquired land for its own factory in Helsinki’s Lauttasaari in 1935.

During WWII, the company ran out of raw materials for production but nobody was laid off. The employees kept busy by knitting woolly socks to keep Finnish soldiers’ feet warm through the cold winters at the front.



Nowadays our spinning factory is situated in Koria, Southeast Finland, where 10 million balls of yarn pass through each year. Most of the wool used in the production of our yarns comes from Northern Europe.

We have invested in our production facilities to ensure we are as energy efficient as possible. By re-purposing the heat generated by our dyeing process, we aim to reduce the environmental load generated by our production.

We only use EKOenergy labelled energy with our renewable electricity coming from wind power. We are always seeking to enhance and perfect our processes and operations to be as efficient as we can.



Our high-quality yarns are mainly produced in Finland and therefore have been awarded the Finnish Key Flag from The Association of Finnish Work. Our labels are harmonised and easy to read. We use two colours on our labels: grey and beige, both indicating the quality of the yarn.

NOVITA Classic - Collection

Our classic yarns have been the favourite of Finnish knitters for decades and are available round the year. You’ll recognise this range by the grey label and name Classic Collection.

NOVITA Natural - Collection

Our natural collection is true to its name – it is made of 100 % natural materials that we love, such as lambswool, alpaca wool and cotton. You’ll recognize this range from the beige label.



Our yarns are so much more than just a product; they are an inspiration. They tell a story of our Nordic roots, our family, and our dedication to the craft.

We offer a complete customer experience: yarns, knitting accessories, free patterns, pattern booklets, and – the leading hand-knitting community in the Nordic countries.

WWW.NOVITAKNITS.COM is an open online forum and knitting community for knitters, offering a platform for the sharing of ideas and inspiration.

Knitting links generations together, and this is something to be cherished. We are often introduced to the world of handicraft in our childhood home, and thus the skills and passion are passed on from generation to generation. Our passion is to combine traditional knitting techniques and modern design in order to create knits which are refreshing but also timeless. 

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