Always wanted to knit, but never found the courage? Or just looking for that new, fulfilling hobby that will guarantee lifelong pleasure and gratification?

Welcome to Novita’s New to Knitting Video Workshop!

During this workshop Sari and Markus from Novita will teach you how to knit a beautiful, chunky hat from Hygge Wool yarn in a few easy steps. When you're finished with the entire series, you'll be ready to take on any knitting project!



Episode 1 - What is knitting?

What is knitting really about? It's a lot simpler than it looks! Sari and Markus take it from the very beginning with a giant pair of needles

THE KNIT STITCH (continental)

Try to keep your hands relaxed and your hands fairly close to the needle tips. Notice the wrist movements of both hands.

THE PURL STITCH (continental)

The purl stitch is the same stitch, worked the opposite way. The right-hand needle goes into the stitch from right to left.

Episode 2 - Casting on

Every project starts with casting on a number of stitches. We're not really knitting yet, rather laying a foundation for our knitting-to-come.

CASTING ON STITCHES (long-tail method)

This method is called the long-tail cast on. While there are many other methods, this is perhaps the most common one.

Episode 3 - Gauge and rib stitch

If you don't have a basic concept of knitting gauge, you're lost as a knitter. Sari and Markus start the project hat with a rib.

Rib stitch, 2 variations

Waistlines, cuffs or hems - whenever you need your knitting to snug up a bit, use ribbing.

Episode 4 - The Zen moment

Smooth sailing, row after row. Not boring, but relaxing. Breathe, clear your thoughts, and watch your hat progress almost by itself.

Episode 5 - Two become one

It's time for some shaping - we'll want a hat, not a tube. We'll walk you through three different decrease techniques.

Decreases: Left-slanting

The Knit 2 together (K2tog) is a basic, left-slanting decrease.

Decreases: Right-slanting

Slip, slip knit (SSK) and Slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped sttich over (SKP).

Episode 6- The final touch

Your hat is almost done! Sari and Markus share their tips on finishing and customizing the hat.

Weaving in the ends

Slightly dull, but mandatory. Here's how to weave in the yarn ends on your finished hat.


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