Customer register of the Novita Magazine and the online service

Novita Oy’s customer register keeps records of the Novita Magazine and customers. Additionally, the register is used in Novita’s communications for customer relationship management, contacting and marketing. The data contained in the register is used for giving customers access to the online service and granting them various benefits.

The personal data stored in the register can be checked as provided in the Personal Data Act. For instructions for accessing the register data, see section 9.

Data file description (as of 14 October 2014)

1. Controller of the data file

Name: Novita Oy
Mailing and street address: Kiviaidankatu 2 A, 00210 HELSINKI
 Novita’s Customer Service: tel. 0108 06320 and 05 7443 335

2. Individual in charge of data file issues

Name: Susanne Ranta-Kiiski

3. Name of the data file:

Customer register of the Novita Magazine and the online service

4. The purpose of processing personal data

The data file is used for keeping a register of Novita’s customers. Additionally, the data contained in the register are used by Novita for customer relationship management, provision of benefits and services, marketing as well as business planning and development. The customer data may be used for targeted marketing purposes unless this is specifically forbidden by the customer. 

5. Data content

Personal data:

    First and family names, date of birth, gender, language, marketing ban, customer no., start date and duration of customer relationship, user credentials to access the online service, hobbies and interests

Contact details:

    Permanent mailing address, invoicing address, city, country code, mobile phone, e-mail address, e-mail marketing permission

Services and subscriptions:

    Entries indicating the services ordered (newsletter, etc.), purchases and status of orders place with the online store

6. Regular sources of data

Data are received from the customer’s subscription to the Novita Magazine and the online service and the customer him- or herself during the customer relationship by phone, e-mail, via the internet or otherwise. Updates to names and addresses and notices of demise are also received from the authorities and companies offering update services.

7. Regular disclosures and transfer of personal data to outside the European Union

No customer data are disclosed for use outside the EU. However, the customer data systems can also be updated from outside the EU using remote connections with due regard to the provisions of the Personal Data Act.

8. File protection policy

Data in electronic format are stored in systems protected by firewalls against unauthorised access from outside Novita.

Only designated Novita Oy’s employees and Novita’s partner companies are allowed, subject to their authorisation, to access the customer register and update the data. Each of these parties will only have such update and/or view access to the data as required for the performance of their designated duties. The data system is protected and only accessible to designated users who possess the necessary user IDs and passwords. 

9. Right to check and forbid the use of the data

Customers may check the data stored in the register by filing a signed request addressed to Novita Oy, asiakasrekisteri/hallinto, Kiviaidankatu 2 A, 00210 HELSINKI, FINLAND. The data can be checked and updated at the online service in the personal I Knit user profile.