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Color knitting with animal prints. The inspiration for this autumn's wildest designs are borrowed from the rulers of the animal kingdom.

Panther headband Novita Venla

Worked in two coloured stranded knitting, the beastly look of this headband is completed with duplicate stitches in a third colour, making the peace really panther-ish.

Panther socks Novita Venla

Wild and irregular, the spots on these panther socks present a fun challenge for any knitter. Use duplicate stitches to complete the spots with a third colour.

Fauna hat for toddlers, children and women Novita Venla ja Baby Merino

Would you rather be a giraffe or a doe? By switching the two colors, you can pick your favourite.

Fauna socks for children and adults Novita Venla

The afterthought heel in this sock allows you to knit the whole spotted colourwork pattern without interruption