106, Novita Hohde

Novita Hohde yarn includes a reflective fibre, which makes the yarn glow in the dark. The four-ply yarn is of the same thickness as Novita 7 Veljestä, so the two can be used for the same knitting patterns. Thanks to the reflective fibre, the yarn increases the visibility of products in the dark. The yarn is perfect for hats, mittens and leg warmers. A children’s hat requires one ball. Note that products made from the yarn should not be used as a replacement for proper high-visibility clothing and reflectors. Hohde yarn contains 70% wool, and 24% polyamide and 6% reflective polyester. The products are machine washable at 40 degrees. Recommended needle size 4; a 100 g ball has 170 metres of yarn.

Fiber content
62 % wool / 21 % polyamide / 17 % polyester ( reflekterende fiber )
Roll size
100 g / 170 m
Knitting needle size