Did you know that knitting reduces stress? The Holidays are a perfect time to explore and try out new things!

Here's a few festive ideas for your next project but be sure to visit our Patterns-page for 500+ free knitting patters.



Classic Collection Yarns

Novita's Classic Collection is the foundation of our catalogue, loved and favoured by knitters since decades. The yarns in the Classic Collection are durable general-purpose yarns for different knitted garments.


  1. Novita Nalle
    Novita Nalle
    As low as €6.96
  1. Novita Venla
    Novita Venla
    As low as €7.96


Men's Christmas Sweater  

Here's a Christmas Sweater for him - not ugly, but enough to bring a smile on your face anytime. Knitted from Novita Nalle with intarsia colourwork and an embellished bow tie to top the whole thing. »

psst! You'll find a matching pattern for women HERE


Novita Nalle is a soft and classic wool blend yarn. The yarn has the same content as 7 Brothers: 75 % wool for softness and warmth, and 25 % polyamide for durability, but is thinner. Novita Nalle is 6 ply yarn. 


Snowflake crocheted pillowcase

Corner to corner -crocheting is currently very popular on online crochet groups and blogs. This Snowflake pillow is crocheted using Novita Nordic Wool yarn.


We no longer carry Novita Nordic Wool, but you can replace it with any DK weight yarn. Try our beloved Moomin Yarns!

Novita Venla is a thin 4 ply yarn, suitable for knitting the most intricate Fairisle patterns. Venla is ideal for socks, scarves and thin knits. Ball 100 g. Made in Finland.