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2017 Christmas calendar socks, KAL
How to Knit Wool Socks
Moomin X Novita Patterns Inspire and Delight Knitters
Novita at the 2019 British Craft Awards
Care Instructions for Wool
The Charasteristics of Wool
Choosing The Right Yarn
Novita and WYS to deepen their collaboration
Gauge and Swatching
How to Read Knitting Patterns and Charts
Introducing Novita
Summer 2019, Pattern n:o 5, Women's Cardigan Novita Nordic Wool
Knit Women Livelihood!
Knitting is The New Yoga
New Yarn Labels: Classic, Natural, and Seasonal
Novita and The Environment
Novita Awarded the Design Finland Mark
Novita Copyright Explained
Novita Launches a New Collection of Moomin Yarns
Novita to Reach Carbon Neutrality 2020
Novita Uses Finnish Wool

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