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50 Years of 7 Brothers

Just the right strength and magnificent colors have made Novita 7 Brothers a true long-term favorite


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Why not try something new! Novita Wonder Wool is our latest wool yarn, ideal for warm knitted garments and accessories. 7 Veljestä Nummi has a unique tweed-like pattern - try it out!

Novita Wonder Wool

Made of 100 % wool, Novita Wonder Wool is ideal for clothes, accessories and interior design items. Novita Wonder Wools is part of the Novita Natural Collection that contains only natural fibres. Recommended needle size 4.

Novita 7 Veljestä Nummi

Novita 7 Brothers Nummi has a wonderfully vibrant texture. The splashes of colour in the yarn add a welcome sense of life and energy to your projects, whether you’re creating socks or something bigger.


Kielo Cardigan

The Kielo cardigan (Finnish for lily of the valley) is full of delicate details that signify early summer. The shoulder seams, and the button bands with the wave pattern, give the cardigan a neat look.

New in: Novita Wonder Wool

Novita Wonder Wool is ideal for clothes, accessories and interior design items. 

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Novita is the largest manufacturer of knitting yarns in the Nordics.

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